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Start Self-Care Today!

Hi and welcome! It is my goal to remind you of tips to improve how you think, feel and respond to your stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or whatever else that is causing emotional dysregulation.

To start, remember how important is to take care of your brain with deep breathing and drinking water. Breathing in through your nose fills your brain with the oxygen it needs to think clearly and remain calm. Exhaling the carbon dioxide through your mouth helps you to relax your muscles. This is vital for mental health.

Also, take care to provide yourself with the proper nutrition. Without that, life struggles will be harder to handle emotionally. Shift from eating what is fast, and tasty, to fueling your body like you do your car. You don't put the wrong fuel in your car and expect not to have problems with how it functions. Your body is the same! Fuel it properly and not only will your body feel better, but so will your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Give it a try!

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