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Supervised by Pam Cosart, LPC-S 

Ph: 346-645-0506

Jodi Arego pic.jpg

 I truly believe positive change is always possible, and deciding to come to therapy is a
courageous step towards that change. I’m passionate and committed to providing a counseling
relationship where you will feel safe, accepted, seen, and heard. Together, we will explore the
barriers getting in the way of your peace and joy and create goals and a plan to help you
experience the fullness of life you crave.

I received my M.A. in Counseling from St. Edward’s University and my B.A. in Psychology from
Baylor University. My clinical experience includes both community-based and private practice
settings working with adults and teens to overcome a variety of issues related to anxiety,
depression, trauma, life transitions, perfectionism, and self-esteem. Since each client comes
with a unique story, treatment is collaboratively tailored to your specific needs. I integrate
evidence-based treatment approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical
behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and mindfulness, to guide you on your journey of change
towards healing and growth. 

I believe the positive change most of us long for best takes place in the context of relationships.
In fact, research actually tells us that the strength of the counseling relationship is one of the
strongest predictors of successful therapy outcomes. Therefore, as a counselor, it’s my first
priority to provide you with a safe space where you can process your struggles and to walk with
you as you discover the internal, relational, and spiritual resources that can lead you to
experience a life of peace, joy, and wholeness. I am here and ready to meet you.

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